Succes stories about my work

Many people from different backgrounds, working for a variety of international companies have written testimonials for the Smiling Dutchman. Click on the quote to read a testimonial:

“Bally has given me private tutoring focussing on personal challenges with the language made possible for me to improve my missing basics.”

“I recommend Bally to anyone who wants to learn Dutch while at the same time not wanting to enter into a complex, inflexible and formal language school.”

“The teaching methodology was very problem oriented.”

“Bally Bakker succeeds to combine culture of the Netherlands and linguistic information with grammar and vocabulary to make the learning process attractive and not boring.”

“Bally was adept at understanding the pace of different members of the class and encouraging everyone to do more.”

“He is always available via email or phone if there are questions.”

“I think he is acutely aware if anyone in the group is having a bad day and varies his style accordingly.”

“Bally has a clear understanding of what it takes to motivate his students, alleviate their anxieties and create a vibrant environment for learning.”

“He is a teacher with great initiative and with a very positive attitude.”

“Bally has helped me to believe that I can actually reach a level of understanding far beyond my original ambitions.”

“Classes with Bally are a great way to get rid of the stressful environment of worklife and focus on learning the language of the country we live in with guaranteed progress.”

“Now I "dare" to speak Dutch in public and I feel I'm progressing a lot faster.”

“He has a flexible teaching style that will identify several different teaching methods that work for you.”


The Hague


New York