Who is the Smiling Dutchman?

About the instructor

Bally Bakker is the Smiling Dutchman

Bally Bakker is the Smiling Dutchman. Bally is a certified Dutch instructor and (in)company trainer who teaches with a smile and a positive attitude. He has an academic and real world background in communications and educational sciences. This makes his knowledge about designing training sessions and creating educational material above average. Additionally, Bally has a diploma of Dutch language teaching.

Bally has worked with several language institutions in The Hague and Rotterdam. He specializes in working with expats and has taught employees from companies such as Domino's Pizza, Oracle, Shell and Unilever .

The fact that he has also taught in the civic integration program – where he conducted exam training, teacher training and ordinary civic integration courses – demonstrates his ability to work with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Bally works in various language related fields, from simple language training to complicated business training sessions.

Dutch can be a challenging language to learn. However, Bally's informal yet structured method has proved to be very effective. He is a Dutch native who has mastered the language and knows the Dutch culture in detail. He tries to ensure a thorough understanding of every student's needs but will still challenge them to learn more and aims to create a social learning environment where questions and conversations are encouraged. Bally's enthusiasm and love for teaching makes learning Dutch fun!

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