The Smiling Dutchman Method for learning Dutch

The Smiling Dutchman method for learning Dutch consists of the following key elements

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The biggest advantage to learning Dutch from the Smiling Dutchman is that he offers you support outside the classroom. You can contact your language teacher via telephone or e-mail for all of your questions and remarks and he will help you out as soon as possible. This way you do not have to wait until the next lesson to move on. The Smiling Dutchman will even send you holiday assignments and organise Skype-sessions to stay in touch with the Dutch language while being abroad.


It is very important to the Smiling Dutchman that students understand the topics covered in each lesson. The lessons are accompanied by a textbook/workbook combination that provides further explanation of concepts explained during class. Obviously, sometimes topics are not covered in this method. However, as The Smiling Dutchman is grounded in educational design, he can develop the material needed for these overseen topics.


The Smiling Dutchman encourages participation and active learning during his lessons. Each class has a theme which is examined through the use of role play, games, guided practice, conversation and written assignments. Furthermore, field trips are organized to, amongst others, the post office, shops and bars. These give students the opportunity to practice language in an authentic setting, further demonstrating their level of language proficiency.


Each student has a different way of learning. Some are more prone to learning through communication, whilst others rather gain knowledge by using more classic methods. Therefore, the smiling Dutchman carefully designs learning environments in which each student can thrive. Also, he uses individualized instruction to address the learning challenges of each and every student.

Knowledge retention

Good teachers understand the importance of testing students. Testing not only shows what students already know, it also helps assess them and has been proven to be one of the best ways to reinforce learning. This is called the 'Testing-Effect'. Though the results of a test are important, they don't necessarily indicate that a course needs to be attended again in its entirety. Students can prove to be capable of moving on in a variety of ways, a fact that is taken into account by the Smiling Dutchman.


The Smiling Dutchman offers flexibility for busy professionals; rescheduling is not a problem. With the Smiling Dutchman you can learn Dutch in a way that suits you; in a classroom, at work, at home or at a specific location; with friends, in a group of people, with your family or in private lessons. The Smiling Dutchman will strive to make your experience in learning Dutch as comfortable as possible.

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